BlizzCon Protest Plans Are "Moving Forward Full-Steam Ahead"

By Alistair Jones on at

With BlizzCon just around the corner, it looks increasingly likely that Blizzard is hoping that a suite of big announcements will placate its fans after a year mired by PR disaster. Despite the company’s efforts to limit player backlash at its annual convention, however, a planned protest will be going ahead as planned.

Speaking to Gamespot, protest organiser Dayton Young said that Blizzard’s decision to reduce the punishment handed out to Hearthstone player Blitzchung over his public support of the Hong Kong protests is a “small step in the right direction.” Young says, however, that “silencing gamers who speak up about issues that affect their freedom makes us all less safe from oppression and institutional abuse.”

As a result, Young says that plans to hold a protest outside the Anaheim Convention Centre are “moving forward full-steam ahead.” The protest is due to take place at 19:00 GMT on November 1, the first day of the convention.  Blizzard will be looking to control the narrative, but it remains to be seen how disruptive the fan backlash is about to be.