Mum Draws Massive and Highly-Detailed Zelda: Breath of the Wild Map

By Brian Ashcraft on at

Twitter user Hajimerumeru’s mum has been really enjoying Breath of the Wild. She’s totally into the game – to the point where she’s even drawn her own massive, highly-detail Hyrule map.

Just look at this!

As Hajimerumeru (via Otakomu and SoraNews) points out, the map denotes all sorts of things, including where his mom found Korok Seeds and hidden shrines as well as where she encountered enemy monsters like Hinox, Lynel, and Stone Talus.

Plus, she went through and noted all the rivers, roads, mountains, and more.

It’s obsessively annotated and way more detailed than what the in-game digital map allows. To complete such a detail map, mum had to explore the world on foot.

Below is a comparison between the game box and the map.