Borderlands 3 Fans are Replacing its Cutscenes with Memes

By Alistair Jones on at

In the Borderlands series, some characters have the ability to communicate telepathically with the player. Since the first game, this ability manifests itself as simple, live-action footage superimposed on the players’ screen, but in Borderlands 3, players have discovered they can have some fun with those scenes.

In a tweet last night, player Dooger said they had discovered that those cutscenes - which NPC Lilith uses to converse with the player throughout the early parts of the game - “are all mp4s sitting in a folder and you can replace them with anything.” To that end, Dooger shared a clip of Lilith’s voice accompanied by footage of several animated shrimp dancing in a restaurant. Which may not have been quite the message Gearbox was looking to convey.

The process of replacing those clips is surprisingly easy. Once you’ve found your Borderlands 3 file, head to the folder titled ‘Oakgame’, then ‘Content’, then ‘Movies’. Once there, you’ll be presented with all the pre-rendered cutscenes in the game, in easy-to-replicate Mp4 format. Simply swap in a file with the name of the video you want to replace, and that footage will replace it in-game.

The possibilities are, therefore, nearly endless, and the Borderlands community certainly appears to be living up to the challenge, with a variety of clips popping up already. One modder even claims that they’ve created a mod that will play the entirety of The Bee Movie on certain propaganda screens in the game.

There are other advantages too, as Dooger claims that you can simply delete Gearbox, 2K, and AMD videos at the beginning of the game to let you load in faster. Before you ransack that folder, however, bear in mind that you might want to make some backups if you ever want to play the game as originally intended again.