Pokémon Go's New Battle League Will Bring Global Matchmaking Next Year

By Alistair Jones on at

Pokémon Go is getting more competitive. While trainer battles were introduced at the end of last year, they were limited to letting you square-off against nearby players. The upcoming Go Battle League, announced earlier today, will have a global scope, pitting trainers against players from around the world.

In its announcement, Niantic says that the Battle League is intended to build on the pre-existing trainer battles. In order to gain entry to the League, you’ll need to put in the miles on foot, before being granted access to an online matchmaking system which will let you “battle opponents from around the globe.”

Niantic says that the hope is for the battle league to make battles more competitive and more accessible. It seems particularly likely to help out rural trainers who don’t live near enough other players to make for a competitive experience, but there’s no further word on how matchmaking will work, or what benefits you’ll get for your success. The Battle League isn’t set to release until early 2020 - which should give you plenty of time to train up.