Tetris 99 is Getting a Luigi's Mansion 3 Theme

By Alistair Jones on at

If you fancy combining the stress of competitive Tetris with the general spookiness of a haunted hotel, then you may be something of a masochist. More importantly, however, you may want to pay attention to Tetris 99 next weekend, as you’ll have the chance to unlock a new theme based on Luigi’s Mansion 3.

This weekend - from 08:00 UK time on October 25 until October 28, racking up 100 event points in Tetris 99 will reward you with a theme based on Nintendo’s ghostly upcoming release. You’ll need to secure a few decent ranks to win those points, but it shouldn’t take too long for fans to unlock them.

This isn’t the first such event that Nintendo has run this year. Since Tetris 99’s release, it’s also played host to Splatoon 2 and Fire Emblem. This time out, the theme boasts the ethereal, fast-paced soundtrack from Luigi’s Mansion 3, a themed background, avatars based on Luigi and his sticky companion, Gooigi, and a play area covered in ectoplasm.

When it comes to Luigi’s Mansion 3 itself, you won’t have long to wait. Luigi’s third spooky outing releases on October 31, and a few fearsome rounds of Tetris should definitely help get you in the Halloween spirit.