A Mum Rates All The Characters In Fire Emblem: Three Houses Based On Their Looks

By Zack Zwiezen on at

I don’t know much about the Fire Emblem series, but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying a Twitter thread that has recently gone viral. Created by Twitter user eiouna, the thread is all about their mum and what she thinks of all the men featured in the most recent Fire Emblem game: Three Houses. The thread is a wonderful journey.

As with many of the best Twitter threads, it starts out with a simple but interesting setup. Eiouna is going to ask their mother to rate the men in the game based solely on their looks.

Screenshot: eiouna (Twitter)

The mother’s opinions on the various characters are hilarious and possibly accurate? I have no idea, I don’t know these characters. But they just feel right, you know?

Screenshot: eiouna (Twitter)

But the best part of the thread is when the mother starts to include more personal elements from eiouna’s life.

Screenshot: eiouna (Twitter)

We’ve all been there. Your parent is supposed to be talking about something else but somehow finds a way to include some embarrassing moment or conversation from YOUR life into the story.

Screenshot: eiouna (Twitter)

But like most mums, she cares greatly about her child. This reminds me of when I talk to my mum and she hears me cough and askes if I’m sick. Every time.

Oh and eventually, once they were done rating all the men, her mum started rating all the women in the game too!

The whole thread is great and worth reading, especially if you know who all these characters are and what they are really like. Let me and other non-FE players know in the comments below if this mother’s ratings are accurate. I’m very curious to know!