Pokémon Sword and Shield have British Slang, But It's Pretty Tame

By Alistair Jones on at

That Pokémon Sword and Shield’s setting is based on Britain is no secret, but it would seem that the inspiration behind the new titles stretches to more than just the game’s geography and architecture – it also shapes their dialogue.

According to Gamespot, Sword and Shield refers to your maternal guardian not as the American ‘Mom’ but as the British (and therefore correct) ‘Mum’. Your dad, it would seem, is as absent as ever, but otherwise I could only hope that he’d be referred to solely as ‘yer da’, and would spend a lot of time getting angry on the internet.

Elsewhere, gentle British slang abounds, with references to “little chaps” and characters being “pants at directions.” It’s a very gentle take on how people talk to each other in my opinion, apparently largely directed by the consumption of P.G. Wodehouse novels, but I suppose Nintendo was never going to have its characters running around effin’ and blindin’, was it?