Google Stadia Launches November 19

By Rich Stanton on at

Stadia will launch on November 19 for those who've pre-ordered a Founders or Premium edition, Google announced today during a keynote speech, as it dropped a trailer showcasing some of the platform's features.

In a blog post Stadia's rollout was further explained. Servers will open to the public at 5pm BST. The UK and Ireland are among the European launch countries, alongside France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. It further notes that "Stadia Founder’s Editions and Stadia Premiere Editions will begin shipping in the same order that pre-orders were received."

The founder's edition is currently priced at £119, for which you get three months of Stadia Pro, a Chromecast Ultra, and the Stadia controller. The Stadia base subscription isn't due to arrive till next year.