Fortnite Chapter 2 Brings a New Map, Boats, Swimming and... Fishing?

By Rich Stanton on at

Fortnite Chapter 2 is now available worldwide, and looks like a pretty radical overhaul of the phenomenally successful battle royale mode. First is the long-awaited debut of a new island with extensive water features, which themselves feed into a bunch of new water-based mechanics: characters can swim, fish, and travel about on motorboats together. In addition to this the weapon options have been 'streamlined', which was probably necessary after ten seasons of regular patches with weapon additions.

This trailer shows most of the new features in action:

It's notable how many squad-focused ideas are included here. In the trailer above at one point you see a character carrying a wounded teammate out of a danger zone, and themselves being healed on the way by another teammate firing a 'bandage bazooka.' Fortnite obviously didn't invent the idea of healing guns, but it's an idea that works well in other competitive shooters and should add something extra here. Needless to say the whole 'squad' vibe also means various new emotes and dances to express your buddy qualities.

Other new features include interactive map elements: haystacks and dumpsters to hide in, or gas tanks and barrels to blow up. In addition to this Epic has overhauled the XP system, which it says here promises "more fun, less grind" and medals. Well, everyone likes getting a medal.

I'm hopping on now to see how it all works. If you want an ass-kicking, come over to... wait, what's the new island called?