Pokémon GO's Halloween Event is a Cute Overload

By Rich Stanton on at

There's lots to Pokémon GO's Halloween event but one thing overshadows it all: Pokémon dressing up as other Pokémon. In the top image we see Bulbasaur wearing a Shedinja costumes, Charmander as Cubone, Squirtle as Yamask, and Pikachu as Mimikyu. Now, I'm just gonna point out that Cubone wears the skull of its dead mother so... well, that's a bit of a weird choice on Charmander's part.

This blog post outlines all the other details but, without reproducing a giant list of Pokémon, the basic idea is that you'll see a lot more of the spooky types over the Halloween period, have the chance to fight some high-level creatures, and hoover up various bonuses simply for participating. The Halloween update arrives at around 9pm BST on Wednesday 17 October.