Fortnite's Black Hole Event Broke the Epic Games Store

By Alistair Jones on at

Fortnite Season X came to an end last night in a chaotic event which saw the battle royale’s entire map sucked into a black hole. At time of writing, the game is unplayable, reduced to an almost entirely blank screen: but as millions logged in to watch the event live in-game, it wasn’t just Fortnite fans who found themselves unable to play.

As viewership spiked, the Epic Games status page informed players that servers were experiencing a “minor service outage,” while the Epic Games Store was facing a “partial outage.” While many Epic users were using the launcher specifically to watch the Fortnite event, plenty more were trying to play entirely different games, but those outages meant that fans of games like Borderlands 3 and The Division 2 were unable to log in.

Last night, Epic tweeted saying that “we are aware that some folks are unable to login to the Epic Games launcher and are working on getting the service back to normal.” The tweet also points out that you can skip login to play offline games. While that’s a helpful workaround if you’re trying to play something like Control, it wasn’t much use to fans of looter-shooters.

Normal service was eventually resumed a little later, but it’s perfectly possible that these kind of issues will pop up again in the near future. The rumours suggest Fortnite is set to return later this week, which of course makes complete sense, and its triumphant resurgence seems like just the kind of thing that could trigger more server uncertainty.