Call of Duty Mobile Downloaded 102 Million Times in First Week

By Rich Stanton on at

Activision and Tencent's Call of Duty: Mobile has nuked the competition with a massive 102 million downloads over its first week of release. The game itself is a fairly decent attempt to recreate the feel of Call of Duty multiplayer on a touchscreen (with the unfortunate result that the best way to play it is on a PC), but the power of the almighty COD brand saw it zoom past the records set by competitors like Fortnite and PUBG.

The figure comes from the thirdparty outfit Sensor Tower, which has a blog post on the figures here. I contacted Sensor Tower to ask about the margin of error in the estimate of 100 million downloads, and strategist Craig Chapple clarified the figure as being closer to 102 million, adding that "our estimates are generated by high-accuracy predictive models of the App Store and Google Play, using signals including app rankings and ratings combined with actual data shared by our partners."

To put that in context, Sensor Tower's first-week figures for PUBG and Fortnite stand at 28 million and 22.5 million respectively.(Image source)

Of particular interest is the split in where the game's being downloaded, which shows the enormous global appeal enjoyed by the series:

Activision’s shooter was most popular in the United States, where it was downloaded nearly 17.3 million times, or 16.9 percent of the total count. India followed with 13.7 million downloads, or 13.4 percent, with Brazil in third with 7.1 million downloads, or 7 percent.

These figures mean Call of Duty: Mobile had the most successful launch of any mobile game ever. We're a hell of a long way from Snake.