I Think My Horse In Red Dead Online Is Pooing Too Much

By Zack Zwiezen on at

I was getting off my horse to grab a dead bird I had just shot when my horse decided it was time to go to the bathroom. So it started pooing right there in the woods. Of course, this isn’t a problem. Horses in Red Dead Online poo and they do it where they need to. But what concerned me was the frequency and timing of my horse’s pooing. It seemed like he was pooing too much.

I started noticing how often he was pooing when it was happening more often than I thought was normal. For example, I rode into a small town to grab a bounty poster and, as I walked back to my horse, he began to drop some brown nuggets right in the street. I didn’t think much of it and we rode out of town to catch our target.

When we got to the target, I jumped off my horse and shot some folks and grabbed the criminal. As I returned to the horse he pooed. It had only been about five minutes since the last time, but maybe he didn’t get it all out. But when I returned to drop the criminal off at the jail my horse pooed again. It had only been a few minutes and yet again my horse needed to take a crap.

At this point, I was a little concerned. Was my horse okay? I decided to try and keep better track of when my horse pooed. Which was a weird thing to think about and is also a weird sentence to write.

But the problem is that I am often getting into gunfights or focussing on an animal I’m hunting or some other Red Dead Online activity. So trying to keep track of my horse’s bowel movements proves harder than expected. However, there's one weird trick that I discovered as I started to keep track of my horse and his pooing.

Whenever I brushed him he would almost always poo a little.

This was something my brother noticed too. When we were playing together a few days ago we stopped to do some hunting and take care of horses. I started brushing my horse and he pooed. My brother pointed this out, mentioning his horse does this too. Sure enough, he got off his horse and started to brush it and it immediately pooed. What was happening?

Well, according to the Internet, I’m not the only person to wonder why their horse was pooing whenever it got brushed. At least two other people have asked this same question about their horse. According to one response, this is a thing in real life. Horses feel more relaxed when they get brushed and this, in turn, means they poo.

“This actually. I own 7 horses, and they s*** when being brushed, washed down, and trimmed,” replied one GameFAQs user.

Considering Rockstar added in the small detail of horses’ testicles shrinking depending on the temperature in Red Dead Redemption 2, it isn’t that crazy to think they might also have included some sort of horse pooing simulation into the game too.

But while brushing my horse often leads to pooing, even without a good brushing to relax it my horse still poos a lot. And, sadly, I couldn’t find other riders on the web concerned about this. Maybe you found this post via a Google search for “Why does my horse poo so much in Red Dead Online?” If that is the case, I don’t have an answer. Personally, I tried feeding my horse more often and less often to see if that changed his pooing habits, but my results were inconclusive.

I’ll just assume my horse is healthy. Bowel regularity is important after all, and he doesn’t seem sick or tired so maybe he just has to go more often than I expected. I’ll just assume this is the case and stop watching and thinking about my horse’s pooing behaviour.