More Than 20 Years On, Half-Life Just Got a New Update

By Alistair Jones on at

Half-Life might be more than two decades old, but apparently that doesn’t mean that Valve’s done with it. Last night, the developer rolled out a series of patches for some of its oldest games, including Team Fortress Classic and Counter-Strike 1.6.

Sadly, none of the updates appear to be particularly game-changing. Half-Life gets a whole series of bug fixes, which among other things should make the MP5 easier to use and prevent people from lying about the number of people in their multiplayer games. Over in Half-Life: Opposing Force there are even more fixes, including that hindered the game’s ability to actually end after beating the final boss.

Things get even more granular for Team Fortress Classic, as one entry reads “fixed server crash when a medic heals a spy that was infected by an enemy medic while feigning death.” According to Steam Charts, TFC hasn’t made it past 150 concurrent players since March 2018, so how anybody’s out there discovering bugs that complex is a mystery to me.

Sadly, all these fixes don’t mean you should be holding your breath for anything big coming to Valve’s back catalogue any time soon. All four titles have received periodic updates over the course of the last few years, but none of them are as impactful as the Half-Life 2 NPCs’ new-found ability to blink.