Wrestler's Special Move is the Nintendo Switch

By Brian Ashcraft on at

Leroy Green sure is busy. Not only does he wrestle, but he also plays his Nintendo Switch during the match. Sometimes it seems like the punches and dropkicks are getting in the way of his gaming.

Footage of a recent House of Glory match has gone viral, appearing on websites all over the world – something that surprised Green.

“This is crazy,” he wrote on Twitter, posting coverage he has gotten in China. “Truly on a rollercoaster ride and we’ve got something special here no? I’m so grateful to do what I love and do it as me.”

Image: Instagram

This wasn’t a first for Green, and playing the Switch is quickly becoming part of his persona. “The #KingofGames ain’t nobody to mess with,” he wrote on Instagram. “I bring the games and the energy.”

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Image: Instagram

Image: Instagram

The aerial moves that Green pulls off while playing the Switch are incredible!

In case you are wondering, Green tweeted that he was playing Cuphead while watching for the match to start and then switched to Smash Bros. during his entrance.

Featured image: Jocay19