Teen Dominates Smash Tournament Using 6 Different Fighters

By Cecilia D'Anastasio on at

Seventeen-year-old Smash Ultimate prodigy Sota “Zackray” Okada clutched out his first No. 1 placement at a US Smash tournament using –  count ’em – six separate Smash fighters.

Based in Japan, Okada is known for two things: his majorly terrifying Wolf play and being very, very young. At Okada’s second US major tournament, his friends had to hoist him on stage after their victory. And before his third, he had to make a mad rush for the airport after his March high school exams to make it in time. Since then, he’s been awing audiences with his prodigious reflexes and ability to download his opponents’ playstyles.

At the weekend’s Big House 9, Okada powered through the bracket using Wolf, Corrin, Game & Watch, R.O.B., Joker, and Sonic. Although he had less success with some fighters, like Corrin and Sonic, Okada had surprise after surprise in his back pocket, up until he faced top player Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby. At that point, he let his Wolf and R.O.B. take the lead.

A couple choice moments below from each fighter:



Game & Watch:




Okada’s win was an emotional one. He briefly pops off before turning to the audience and bowing:

Asked for comment on his incredible victory, Okada told Kotaku that he was about to hop on a 12-hour flight and couldn’t chat.

Featured image: Thomas Tischio (Tisch Photos)