Every Bald Eagle Tattoo From Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Ranked

By Zack Zwiezen on at

I’m here to talk about something odd I discovered in the recently released Ghost Recon Breakpoint. For some reason, players have access to not one, not two, not four, but five different tattoos featuring a Bald eagle and American imagery.

The new Ghost Recon game launched earlier this week. I jumped into the game and messed around with it for a few hours. It seems fine. If you want more in-depth impressions, read Heather’s great write-up of the game. But I’m here instead to rank each of these eagle tattoos.

I will ask two important questions about each eagle design, which will determine their rating and ranking: How big is the eagle? And how cool looking is the eagle?

Simple enough. So let’s get to ranking!

5 - Soaring Eagle

Size: 3/5 | Coolness: 3/5
At the bottom of the list is The Soaring Eagle. It’s hard to even tell that it is, in fact, a bald eagle. I mean, that could be a vulture from far away. The pose is also not very exciting. In a game filled with eagle tattoos, this is the runt. The one nobody wants or buys.

4 - The American Eagle

Size: 5/5 | Coolness: 2/5

If this was a list where I ranked each tattoo according to their name, this would be at the bottom of the pile. That isn’t a clever name or anything. It just is what it is. However, the size is very good. That is a large eagle and it is clearly a bald eagle. But that pose is terrible. It looks like the eagle just heard a joke and is way overselling how funny the joke is because his boss said it.

3 - The Bold Eagle

Size: 5/5 | Coolness: 3/5

That is a big and, dare I say, bold, eagle. A great name for a fairly good eagle tattoo. The pose isn’t very interesting, but at least it doesn’t look too weird. He is staring a bit too intently for my liking. If I was in a squad with this dude and he had this tattoo I would ask him to wear long-sleeve shirts, so I wouldn’t constantly feel intimated by that bird.

2 - The Freedom Eagle

Size: 4/5 | Coolness: 5/5

This may not be the biggest eagle, but that’s okay. It’s big enough and has a really exciting pose. Look at it! It is diving and attacking something. Maybe a snake? Hopefully a snake. Those things will sneak into your house.

1 - Swooping Eagle

Size: 5/5 | Coolness: 4/5

This is the biggest eagle on the list. Honestly, it might be one of the biggest eagle tattoos featured in a video game. I haven’t done enough research on that, so I could be wrong. But I feel confident in saying that there can’t be much bigger than this swooping eagle.

This ended up tying with the Freedom Eagle, both receiving 9 eagle points out of a possible 10. So I decided to use the number of stars as the tiebreaker. This was no contest. Swooping Eagle has six stars and the poor Freedom Eagle has none. What a shame.

If after seeing these eagle tattoos you feel inclined to buy some, you can buy a pack of them for 600 Ghost Coins, or about £3. You don’t get all of them, only three of the five. But they are bigger eagles of the collection, including my number one ranked Swooping Eagle.

Are these tattoos worth £3? I don’t think so, but I’m more into pelicans anyways, so what do I know? I hope the next Ghost Recon game has a bunch of pelican tattoos.