The Queen of E3 Wants To Be the New Sony Boss

By Alistair Jones on at

Bethesda’s conference at E3 earlier this year was a little muted, but its standout moment came in the form of Ikumi Nakamura, who took to the stage to introduce her new game, GhostWire Tokyo. Nakamura won hearts with her endearing presentation, before promptly breaking them again months later when she announced she was leaving the development team.

Now, it would appear that she’s ready for her next role. In a tweet this afternoon, the former creative director told fans that she would “like to officially announce my candidacy” for the position of chairman for Sony Worldwide Studios.

Earlier this week, Sony announced that current chairman Shawn Layden will be leaving the company. No reason for his departure has been outlined and a successor is yet to be named, surely paving the way for Nakamura’s ascendency. Whether she's technically qualified is probably up for debate but, in my eyes at least, she'd be the perfect replacement for Layden at E3.