Apex Legends Challenge Rewards Players For Thanking Others

By Riley MacLeod on at

Apex Legends Season 3 brings a new slate of daily and weekly challenges. Among the dictates to get headshots or play as certain characters, there’s a daily challenge that honours any gamer’s most important quality: politeness.

A new daily challenge rewards players for thanking three teammates. A player on Reddit noticed the challenge shortly after Season 3’s launch. Thanking three teammates who drop or ping items for you will earn you 3,000 stars, which unlock levels on the game’s free and paid battle passes. A handful of other players on Reddit and Twitter have also noticed the challenge, but since it cycles daily, there’s no guarantee you’ll get it. PR for Apex Legends confirmed to Kotaku that the challenge is new for Season 3.

Screenshot courtesy of Gamasutra contributing editor Bryant Francis

Some players who’ve got the challenge have had a hard time completing it, however. In Season 2, thanking players when you picked up an item they’d pinged or dropped was bound to the H key on PC. Season 3’s new character, Crypto, uses the H key for his drone ability, meaning you need to rebind thanking. If you’re one of the people who’s having trouble finding it, set a keybinding for your quip wheel; that key will function as the “thanks” prompt in context.

It’s nice to get rewarded for saying “thanks,” though, of course, good teamsmanship is its own reward.