Looks Like Universal's Super Nintendo World is Coming Along Nicely

By Alistair Jones on at

Super Nintendo World is due to open at Universal Studios Japan in the Spring, and looks like it’s coming together nicely. A series of photos posted to Twitter show off the construction of the real-life Mushroom Kingdom.

The Nintendo area, which is apparently nestled in behind the Jaws-themed section of the park, seems to live up to the aesthetic promised in early artwork, although there's no sign of Bowser's castle just yet. Instead, the pictures show off the Mushroom Kingdom, with Hatena Blocks and an end-of-level flag on full display. Presumably, coins and Goombas will follow later.

While the sneak peek is undoubtedly exciting, potential concerns are already being voiced. Much of the space allocated to Nintendo World is being taken up by the Mario Kart experience that will be one of the area’s first rides, meaning all the other attractions have to be squeezed in around it.

Nintendo first announced what would go on to become Super Nintendo World back in 2015, and offered its first (animated) look at the tie-in a few years later. It’s set to be officially opened to the public in time for the Tokyo Olympic Games in the summer, and to be followed up by sister parks in Singapore and Hollywood in years to come.