Looks Like Google's Testing a Game-Specific UI for Searches

By Alistair Jones on at

Stadia is just around the corner and it looks like Google is gearing up for its arrival, with a new UI appearing around searches for video games.

As spotted by Search Engine Journal, the new layout features a sidebar with different sections dedicated to different aspects of the game. The ‘Overview’ functions in a similar way to the information currently available, with a brief description and collection of other details on offer.

New Google search U.I for Video Games from r/Stadia

The rest of the sidebar, however, appears to be an attempt to surface far more specific content than is currently available. The gameplay and review categories aren’t too surprising, but information on characters, weapons, songs and even guides suggests a potential wiki-style approach for the games in question.

The new layout isn't showing up for other users, ourselves included, suggesting that this feature's still being tested. Stadia is still at least a month away, but a central hub for the games it’ll feature seems like a good fit for Google’s ideal of a seamless approach to play.