IGG Hosts the First Lords Fest in London as Part of its World Tour

By Kotaku on at

Singapore-based developer IGG was in London this weekend to celebrate the third birthday of its crazy popular MMORPG Lords Mobile (Android / iOS). If you play mobile games, the chances are you've played an IGG game: it develops free-to-play mobile games in 21 different languages which have garnered critical acclaim across the globe.

Not content to rest on its laurels, IGG is embarking on a whistle-stop world tour to connect with and give back to its international fan community. The most recent stop was Shoreditch, London, where players met up on Saturday night to discuss all things Lords Mobile and make merriment with fellow community members over some nice drinks, food, and party games.

For the uninitiated, Lords Mobile is a free-to-play massively multiplayer strategy game that blends build-and-battle strategy and action-RPG elements into a unique and enjoyable format. Its combination of gameplay styles creates a format that’s always providing the player with something to do – including those who choose not to pay. The formula is obviously a winning one: Lords Mobile has clocked over 290 million downloads from players in over 200 countries.

These kinds of games live and die with their community – conquering kingdoms isn’t as fun when no one is defending them after all. Thankfully Lords Mobile has one of the most active communities you’ll find among free-to-play mobile MMOs. We’ve all played games where you spend an inordinate amount of time going through the tutorial and opening stages only to find that the community is barren, or the global chat is empty. It can be disheartening to say the least. In Lords Mobile the community is always active; you'll log in every time to plenty of chat banter and opposing Lords to go to war with, and ultimately activity from other players is what makes a game like this.

The community built around Lords Mobile has been warring together for three years now, and Lord Fest is all about recognising this milestone. And let's just pause for a moment to acknowledge how awesome a name 'Lord Fest' is. Barcelona, Berlin, Rome, Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo and now London have hosted this celebration of all things Lords Mobile over the summer as part of IGG’s community tour, with Beijing and Ho Chi MInh to come.

The UK leg of its tour took place at Kachette, an upmarket venue in trendy Shoreditch, where community members met the IGG team, shared war stories, and won some snazzy loot – including event-exclusive figurines of the game’s characters, gift cards of currency, and various LED-emblazoned tech and devices provided by the hardware wizards at Razer.

Fans at the event dove into the expansive universe of Lords Mobile whilst basking in the warm glow of fellow Lords and sharing stories of their latest KvK victory, as well as indulging in yummy birthday cake. Other festivities included the attendance of well-known cosplayers @Pixie_Late and @Kizuki_Cosplay who put together their own costumes bringing to life fan-favourite heroes Storm Fox and Twilight Priestess for the function. Former Xbox Live and Videogame Nation host Daniel Maher was also in attendance to host the event. The birthday celebrations came to a close with food and drinks shared by all, and an exchanging of tips, stories and games amongst all in attendance.

Lords Fest was not just a birthday bash though – sure, it was a chance for developers IGG to give back to fans and let them know all the upcoming plans in the works for the game – but it was more than that. It was the coming together of a huge community of gamers, fans, and developers to celebrate their shared love of castle-sieging, skeleton-smashing, and dragon-slaying.  Developers IGG said it was a way of thanking fans for their support for the game, and letting them know that they’re appreciated through the medium of cake, games, and party-exclusive merchandise on tap.

Gina Tost, marketing manager at IGG Europe said:

“We are so glad to share the game’s success with hundreds of our players around the world, and it’s really exciting to meet the player community in London”

“We want to reward all the passion that our players give us by giving them a memorable and fun evening to celebrate our birthday”.

If you missed out on this year’s Lords Fest extravaganza then don't fear: the game is still actively conquering players across the world with its unique spin on the build-and-battle formula. There's never been a more perfect time to get in and start your own campaign for Lordship either, as the game is now available on PC as well as mobile: so you can wage war from home or on-the-go. Start now and by this time next year you’ll be a regular Supreme Overlord, ready to boogie the night away at Lords Fest 2020.