Final Fantasy VII Remake Continues to Look Like a Brand New Game

By Jason Schreier on at

Blink and you’ll miss some of the brand new additions to Final Fantasy VII for the remake, as showcased in this new trailer that Square Enix put out in honor of the Tokyo Game Show this week.

Among other things, there’s a new boss fight with Reno, some sort of dart minigame, a brand new member of SOLDIER, a bike sequence with the NPC members of Avalanche, QTE pull-ups, a President Shinra hologram, and summons for Ifrit and Shiva, both of whom are obtained way after Midgar in the original version of Final Fantasy VII. (This remake, the first instalment in what will be a larger series, takes place entirely in Midgar.)

FFVII Remake comes out on March 3, 2020. It will, we now know, include Cloud wearing a dress.