The Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro Has 20 SNK Games Built-In

By Mike Fahey on at

Earlier this month SNK announced the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro, a fight stick with a design based on the Neo Geo CD’s Controller Pad stick. Turns out it’s not only a joystick, but a standalone retro console that can be hooked directly to a television to play 20 built-in SNK fighting games.

The Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro, coming to North America eventually via Game Monkey, has two different modes. When plugged into a PC or one of those nifty Neo Geo Mini consoles via USB, it’s a standard arcade stick controller. Hooked to a television via HDMI it’s a combo fighting stick/retro console with 20 classic Neo Geo games ready to play. It sounds a lot like Capcom’s fighting stick console, only shaped like a nice looking piece of kit instead of an obnoxious giant logo.

SNK isn’t saying which 20 games come with the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro, but one can assume there will be a fair number of fighting games. SNK hasn’t put a price on the unit yet. If I had to guess, I’d say more than five dollars but less than all the dollars.