One Copy Of The Loin King, Please

By Alex Walker on at

So the Aladdin and Lion King remasters got announced recently. There's just one problem.

At the very end of the official trailer announcing the bundle, there's a package shot showing the box art for the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One versions. COMING FALL 2019, it says.

But there's one problem. Can you see it?

Let's zoom in the photo for a closer look.

Oh that seems—wait a minute.

Oh no.

On the other hand, I would 1,000 percent buy a physical copy of The Loin King if it ever got printed. It's also a nice way of remembering Westwood Studios — before they started working on Blade Runner and sold 10 million copies of Command & Conquer, they coded games The Lion King for Disney and RPGs like Eye of the Beholder for SSI.

Thanks to Dan for spotting this on Twitter!