Apex Legends' New Outfit Is Great But Expensive

By Gita Jackson on at

Apex Legends fans appear to agree that the new limited-time skin for the character Wraith is pretty awesome. They are less sure that it is worth £14.40.

The currently ongoing Voidwalker event has avoided the biggest pitfalls of the last Apex Legends event when it comes to skins. Rather than jumping through microtransaction hoops in order to get the new Wraith skin, you can directly purchase it in a shop. Last month, the tension between fans and developers from Apex Legends studio Respawn Entertainment boiled over to the point where a conversation on Reddit between developers and fans devolved into name calling. This time, things are far less contentious.

However, the £14.40 price point for Wraith’s new skin seems to be rubbing people the wrong way. (The skin costs 1,800 coins, but the cheapest coin pack is 1,000 for £8 so, really, you’ll have to spend £16 to buy it.) The price comes up on the Apex Legends subreddit almost every time the skin is discussed. Some are even making jokes about “freeloaders,” referencing a controversial comment from a Respawn developer over the last skin-related fiasco. Although fans are enamoured with the special character select animation Wraith gets when this skin is equipped, the conversation has quickly turned to whether this animation is worth twenty bucks.

Prices for skins in Apex Legends have been a sticking point for fans since they were introduced. Prices are determined based on item rarity, meaning a Legendary skin will be £14.40, or $18 across the pond, no matter what, which has always seemed steep to players. (Wraith is a Legendary skin.) When a Valentine’s Day event first introduced skins for weapons that were £8.80, fans said they felt like the game was taking advantage of them. As of May of this year, fans still weren’t happy with that price point. It’s more common to find these skins in loot boxes than it is to be able to buy them stand-alone for those prices, but Legendary skins still cost nearly twenty bucks when they do appear.

The level of discourse about this Wraith skin has not reached anywhere near the vitriol of the last limited time event. In fact, most people seem to be enjoying the bloodbath that ensues in the rare loot area for the game’s new event. But after a tumultuous month of disgruntled fans and frustrated devs, Apex Legends players have come out the other side more wary of spending money on the game, and more sceptical of the game when it asks them to.