Fire Emblem Hacker Figures Out How to Have Tea Parties With Death Knight, Byleth, and Others

By Nathan Grayson on at

When I fail to carry on a coherent conversation during a regular after-school hangout, I only have to worry about disappointing one of my precious anime children, all of who mean the whole entire world to me. On the other hand, if I bombed a tea party with the Death Knight, I’m worried that he might decide to live up to his name.

One enterprising hacker decided to explore this grim fantasy by opening up the option to sip tea on an idyllic gazebo with not just the Death Knight, but also Jeralt, Sothis, and... yourself? The hacker, DeathChaos, who is probably a death knight themselves (or at least some kind of necromancer), refuses to reveal how they pulled it off. “I will not be answering questions on how to do this,” they said in their video’s YouTube description.

Still, it’s a fun watch, with the Death Knight making for an especially disarming (and comically large) tea party guest. He begins by daintily scalding his tongue, but even when the player wins him over by discussing subjects like equipment upkeep and evaluating allies, he remains eerily silent. Also, he hates it when you nod. The other characters DeathChaos modded into teatime also have little-to-no dialogue, but nobody quietly menaces like Death Knight.

However, there is evidence that some of these characters were intended to be able to have tea with the player at some point in development. Jeralt, for instance, has a fully voiced line in reference to the tea party. “Didn’t peg me as a tea drinker, did you?” he says after taking a sip.

That in mind, I’m extremely curious as to why you, Byleth, can have tea with Byleth, who is, again, you. True to form, she’s not interested in talking about herself. She’s also not interested in cats, which I guess explains why she refuses to ever pet them.