Old Memes Are Better With Fire Emblem Characters

By Nathan Grayson on at

The students in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are my children. They’re yours too, and so I’m sure you’ll agree that everything is better with our gaggle of rainbow-haired anime children in it. Even memes we’ll almost certainly be sick of in two weeks.

This line of thought has given rise to the #RedrawRiegan hashtag on Twitter, in which artists are redrawing popular memes, scenes from TV shows, and other bits of personality-driven imagery with corresponding characters from Fire Emblem: Three Houses’ Golden Deer house. The result, like pretty much everything else involving the new Fire Emblem, has been deeply charming.

(Warning: Some of these memes might indirectly constitute Fire Emblem spoilers. Sort of? If you really think through the implications of, like, two of them? So beware and all that.)