THQ Nordic Financial Report Reveals Details About Dead Island 2, Timesplitters, and More

By Heather Alexandra on at

THQ Nordic shared an investment report this morning outlining their sales and earning for the first quarter of the year. Beyond all the numbers, the report also offered insight in the future of many franchises like the long-delayed Dead Island 2 and Timesplitters.

The report states that THQ Nordic saw an 36 per cent net sale increase in Q1, while also sharing a bit more about the future. Dead Island 2, which was first announced in 2014, will now be developed by Dambuster Studios. Dambuster Studio's most recent title was 2016's Homefront: the Revolution. In addition to this news, the report also states that Steve Ellis, one of the creators of Timesplitters, will help plot the future of that series. There are some smaller announcements as well including the development of a new Saint’s Row game by Volition (which isn’t too surprising) and a new unannounced IP developed by Fishlabs.

That’s a fair bit of news but at a minimum, Dead Island 2 isn’t quite as dead as it seemed even if there’s no sense of when it might actually come out. There’s been announcements before about how the series is still being worked on, but this report offers fresh insight into the development process. Maybe we’ll get to smack more island zombies around after all.