Looks Like a New Hotline Miami is Coming [Updated: No, it's Not]

By Rich Stanton on at

Update: Following this post, the official Hotline Miami account tweeted to indicate that this was a fan-made tribute and not a teaser. Richard has been executed with a baseball bat.

Original post follows.

Over the weekend a new twitter account appeared with the name @Jacketisnotdead, a reference to Hotline Miami's player character. The account has tweeted one thing, which is a video teaser for what looks like a new Hotline Miami game.

Before we start the specula-tron whirring away, it's worth emphasising that this is the internet and this is a brand new account with no overt links to Dennaton or Devolver Digital. So take everything with a pinch of salt, even though the video's production values might suggest this is official.

Spoilers for Hotline Miami 2 follow.

If you're wondering about the tagline, it refers to the fact that Jacket is both imprisoned and gets nuked in Hotline Miami 2. So you'd think he would be dead but, as we all know, in the virtual world death is only ever a minor inconvenience.