Publisher of Satoru Iwata Book Says Unauthorised Translations Will Be Subject to Criminal Charges

By Brian Ashcraft on at

A collection of Iwata Asks interviews done by former Nintendo president Satoru Iwata was recently published in the book Iwata-san. The book is in Japanese, and there are talks about doing official translations.

The book is being published by Hobonichi, the company founded by famed copywriter and Earthbound creator Shigesato Itoi. According to the official site, there has been lots of interest in translated versions of the book.

“Currently, nothing is definite yet, but we are preparing publication of Iwata-san in various languages in consultation with Tuttle-Mori Agency,” reads the official site.

“In the meantime,” the official site continues, “please note that translating this book into any languages for public distribution is a clear violation of copyright and will be subject to criminal charges. We ask for your understanding.”