Calm Down, Calm Down: Roblox is Getting Liverpool Kits

By Rich Stanton on at

If you've bumped into a scouser in the last few months, chances are you know that Liverpool are the current European champions. Jeez guys, we get it. Last season was nevertheless something of a mixed bag for the club, as its best team in a long time was pipped to the league by Man City, and Peter Moore wandered off the reservation to claim the real competition was Fortnite.

Moore did have a point, to be fair, because what he was really talking about was how a club like Liverpool appeals to the younger generation of fans. "If we don’t build technological prowess as a club we will lose them," Moore said. "There’s so much pressure on time now and only 24 hours in a day... there are only so many hours to play Fortnite.”

Turns out that was a little clue as to where Liverpool was headed. Today it was announced that the club's teaming up with the mega-popular Roblox to get next season's kit in the game. If you want an idea of Roblox's scale, as of April 2019 it boasted 90 million users (or 1,665 Anfields' worth of people). Players will be able to deck out their in-game avatar, and there are 11 shirts with first-teamers' names and numbers.

Yes, one of them is Mo Salah, which means I get to post this again.

The shirts are in the game now, and free to download until 26 July. In addition to this there'll be a 'virtual scarf', which is certainly the first time I've used that phrase, with “You’ll Never Walk Alone” blazoned across it. Roblox being Roblox, it already has a tonne of user-made football games ready to go, so I'm looking forward to the inevitable recreations of June's European final.

If you want to read more or download the kits, visit the Roblox blog.