EA Originals' Sea of Solitude is Out Today

By Kim Snaith on at

EA Originals, the bit of EA's publishing company devoted to getting more unique, independently-developed games out there, has just released its latest game. Following the likes of Fe and A Way Out, this one is called Sea of Solitude, and it looks rather interesting indeed.

The game casts you as Kay, a young woman dealing with her mental health. She finds herself in a strange, flooded landscape and it's up to you to help her navigate the dark and foreboding waters that surround her.

It all sounds deep (*b'dum tsh*) and something of an allegory for feelings of loneliness, anxiety and overwhelm that many feel at some point in their lives. Sea of Solitude is a story-driven adventure, but it's populated with moments of combat and puzzles too, so it promises to be quite the experience.

You can give the launch trailer a watch below. It's a striking looking game, and if you think you're up to the challenge it's available now on PC, Xbox One and PS4.