Top Gear Makes a Return to Forza

By Kim Snaith on at

If you've been playing Microsoft's exclusive racing series Forza for a while, you'll probably remember that the BBC's topical car programme Top Gear used to make an appearance once in a while. Back then, though, it was everyone's favourite/most hated [delete as appropriate] Clarkson, May and Hammond. But since they've sodded off over to Amazon*, Top Gear's gone through a range of different hosts. Two mainstays, though, have been profession racing driver-cum-presenter Chris Harris, and of course The Stig. These two will be the faces (or white helmets; obviously The Stig has no face) that'll pop up in Forza Horizon 4's Top Gear Story, that's available now.

*You can still enjoy Clarkson, May and Hammond in videogame format if you'd like, don't worry.

As part of Forza Horizon 4's season 11 update, a new Story has been added filled with Top Gear-flavoured challenges. A digitised version of Chris Harris and The Stig have turned up at the Horizon Festival to see what the crack is, and while they're there, they'll have your Forza avatar joining in on their driving adventures.

Along with some new challenges to take part in, the new update will bring with it some new outfits to unlock if you car about that sort of thing, and three new vehicles: a Mercedes Benza G63 6x6 Sports Utility Truck, the Top Gear Project E-AT and the Top Gear Track-Tor. If you've watched the last couple of series of Top Gear you'll no doubt recognise the vehicles from various episodes.

Forza Horizon 4's season 11 update also adds in class-based rivals, some changes to the auction house, and a new timeline that'll allow you to see your progress history through the Horizon Life campaign. For full details on the update, head over to the official Forza website.