Of Course There's a Fortnite x Stranger Things Crossover

By Kim Snaith on at

Just in case you haven't looked anywhere else on the internet today, Stranger Things season three has just landed on Netflix. And that's a big deal apparently, because everyone's getting in on Stranger Things-flavoured activities, even Microsoft. So it's no surprise that Fortnite, king of all popular media crossovers, is also jumping on the bandwagon. Last night, the official Fortnite Twitter account announced the crossover via an image, but hasn't given us much in the way of information.

It seems some players have spotted small hints already though, including a number of strange and glowing portals dotted around the Mega Mall area in Fortnite. So far, these portals don't seem to do anything other than transport a player to another portal – which is incidentally exactly how a portal should work. But being Stranger Things-related, we'd expect something a little more, well, strange, to happen at some point.

There's also one or two new additions to the Mega Mall that players have spotted, not least a Scoops Ahoy ice cream parlour, which is a nod to the Netflix series. We've no doubt more strange things will be popping up in Fortnite over the coming days. Whether Epic will announce those changes or just let us figure 'em out for ourselves is yet to be seen, but if you're going to be playing, we'd recommend watching your step. You don't want to end up in the Upside Down. [Eurogamer]