Kotaku UK is Hiring a News Editor

By Rich Stanton on at

Hey you! Yes YOU! Fancy being a part of one of the UK's biggest and best gaming websites? Kotaku UK is hiring a news editor, and you can find the job ad here.

Why work for Kotaku UK? Too many reasons to list! Rewarding work, lots of travel, we're based in Bath which is lovely, and you'll be diving into video games like Scrooge McDuck and his money pit.

The application window is now open, and interviews will take place in early August. All details are in the above link.

A few notes. This isn't an entry-level role: you'll need some kind of media experience and a track record. That's because the successful candidate will have autonomy in their work and a major role in shaping the site's future. There are big changes in store for Kotaku UK, and you'll be at the heart of them.

This should go without saying, but: you also need to be seriously knowledgeable about video games, old and contemporary, and have a passion for discovering new stuff. This is a job for someone who will find their own stories, and set the agenda.

If you fancy it, have a pop: the ad is here, and the application link is at the bottom of same. Good luck!