I Asked the Localisation Director of Yakuza and Judgment to Tell Me a Bedtime Story

By Tim Rogers on at

On the last night of E3 2019, as I teetered on the precipice of rest, I talked to Scott Strichart, localisation director of the Yakuza series and Judgment – which is out now, by the way. He came to my hotel room in Los Angeles for the most last-second interview possible.

We discussed his career (he worked on Persona 4!) and the challenges of localising a such a massive game as it was being developed. We talked for an hour, though I edited it down to 24 minutes in the interest of making me sound like slightly less of an idiot.

I was drowsy. I was dead tired. Scott Strichart, however, was certainly interesting enough to keep me awake.

Is this a new series? Am I destined to forevermore fly to video game conventions and conduct interviews with game industry power figures while I struggle to stay awake in a juicily comfortable bed? Only you, the viewer, can tell me that, both in the comments on this post and by Heat-Actioning that thumbs up icon on our YouTube channel.