Look At These Star Wars Game Boxes

By Luke Plunkett on at

Limited Run Games, a company that reprints classic/cult games in new boxes so collectors can enjoy them, is bringing out two old Star Wars games this week, and their packaging is pretty much perfect.

Both the original NES Star Wars game and the Game Boy adaptation will be sold, in new cartridges, but it’s those boxes I’m here for. Taking cues (well, literally taking, it looks like) from the old 80s Star Wars action figures, both games come in blister packs, which you’ll have to tear open to get at the carts.

That’s... kinda going against the point of buying a box to keep and collect, but the gimmick might actually be worth it. That or Limited Run are just trying to get you to buy it sneaker style, with one to stock and one to rock.

They’ll be out this Friday, June 28, alongside another old Star Wars game, Bounty Hunter, which they’re releasing in a standard PS4 box.