Fortnite's V9.30 Patch Adds a Tasty New Beverage

By Kim Snaith on at

What even is Tuesday anymore if it doesn't bring with it a haul of Fortnite updates? Yesterday's update to the ever-popular game was V9.30, and while it doesn't bring any major new changes to the game, it does add a brand new item.

That new item is the Chug Splash, a healing grenade-type item in the form of a tasty beverage. When thrown, it will create a small splash radius on impact, healing all players within the area with 20 health (or 20 shield, if a player is already at full health). It heals enemies as well as allies though, so use it carefully. It's a rare item that drops in stacks of two, and you can stack a maximum of six.

But where new items come, older items must be nerfed. The Combat Shotgun's long-range effectiveness has been reduced at long distances (4.88 to 9.76 tiles) by 20 per cent, and at medium distances (2.44 to 4.88 tiles) by 10 per cent.

Players can also no longer ride Proximity Grenade Launcher projectiles: it was too fast, which caused problems with level streaming. Such killjoys.

For Fortnite's creative mode players, two new islands have been added – The Wasteland and Caldera. A new item, the Prop-O-Matic, has also been added, allowing players to transform into an inanimate object in order to hide from other players. Sneaky.

In Save the World, a new Storm Shield Endurance mode has been added. To unlock it, players will need to have completed all storm shield defence missions in any one zone. This new mode is made up of 30 waves of increasingly difficult enemies, with various rewards given to players who complete the challenge. The Chrome Commandos also make a return to the game, if you prefer your heroes with a metallic shine.

For a full breakdown of everything that's been added to Fortnite in this week's V9.30 patch, you can see the extensive notes here.