Elite Player Took Some Beautiful Screenshots Of His 18-Week Journey Across Space

By Luke Plunkett on at

Earlier this year, a group of Elite: Dangerous players set out on an expedition that would take them across the entire Milky Way, all 130,000 light years of it. The journey took months, and some of its most beautiful and bizarre sights have been captured by aes3297 in this collection of screenshots.

There are shots from space, of course:

But some of my favourites are from the times when he took a little break and deployed the buggy for some ground-level photography.

Elite is a very dark, cold and lonely game, yet it’s also one of staggering beauty and remarkable achievements (like the creation of this expedition), and these shots manage to capture all of that.

He’s of course far from the only person to have taken screenshots along the way (there were around 14,000 pilots making the trip, after all!), but I just thought these were nice enough to share here.

You can see more of aes3297's images from the trip here.

All images: aes3297