A Naughty Person Recorded the Monster Hunter Film's Teaser

By Rich Stanton on at

A new teaser for the upcoming Monster Hunter movie was shown to an audience at the 2019 Shanghai International Film Festival. But in that audience was a VILLAIN with a PHONE. And this miscreant filmed the teaser and has uploaded it to youtube in 360p glory (as first spotted by Eurogamer). Naughty! Bad! Right, let's have a look.

This is the first glimpse we've had of the monsters, with both a Diablos and Rathalos shown, and both creature designs are faithfully based on their in-game incarnations: no Sonic the Hedgehog fury incoming here. As this is only a teaser there isn't a whole lot more to glean about whether it will turn out decently or be some Boll-style calamity, though Capcom's track record isn't too bad: the Resident Evil films are certainly an acquired taste, but taken for what they are (B-movies with decent set budgets) they're fun enough.

The Monster Hunter film will be out in 2020.