Psst... Crypt of the Necrodancer on Switch is £3.59 For a Few Days

By Rich Stanton on at

The excellent rhythm roguelike Crypt of the Necrodancer has been available on Switch for a while (in an edition that includes all the game's DLC). But nobody cares about Crypt of the Necrodancer at the moment, because we're all going gaga for the semi-sequel/Zelda spinoff Cadence of Hyrule.

If you're not so fussed about being on the bandwagon, however, there's the chance to bag a bargain: the original's currently on sale for a whopping 80 per cent off, at £3.59 (it's usually £17.99). Maybe you're a bit hard-up this month. Maybe you just want to see if this Necrodancing stuff is everything it's cracked up to be before laying out the spondoolicks on Cadence. Maybe like our prod ed Kim you're from Yorkshire, or like me you're from Scotland, and thus any cold pennies must always be prised from unyielding fingers.

In addition to this, looks like the Zelda love is spreading cross-platform. You can get the Steam edition for £2.19 or pay the outrageous sum of £4.45 for the game plus all DLC. On Xbox One, you can get it for £2.39. Weirdly enough it is also on sale on the US PlayStation store for around three dollars, but the UK PS store has no offers for us poor benighted citizens of Blighty.

Whatever: it's a great price for a great game, and you probably won't be able to grab it so cheaply again for a while. The offer lasts until June 17 on Steam and June 18 on Nintendo eShop and the Xbox Store.