Luigi's Mansion 3 is Coming to Nintendo Switch

By Rich Stanton on at

Luigi's Mansion 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch this year, and it looks like a winning expansion of the series. The setup is that Luigi and the Mario crew get invited to a hotel, whereupon the others disappear and Luigi and his poltergust are left to sort out business.

The hotel is, obviously, haunted, and it looks like the lighting effects are better than ever. The mechanics remain familiar, with Luigi shining the light in ghost's faces to freak them out before hoovering 'em up, but there are a few new moves.

There's a slam move which whacks the attached ghost around, dealing extra damage to them and any ghost hit. A suction shot fires a plunger that attaches to environmental objects which can be pulled and destroyed, as well as used against certain ghosts. Then there's burst, a basic AoE attack that can also be used to gain some altitude in side-scrolling sections.

Most exciting though was the introduction of Prof E-Gad's latest invention, the brilliantly named Gooiji. A green gooey version of Luigi, Gooiji can go through metal, walk over spikes, and act as a helpful NPC in singleplayer: or another player can join in and play as him.

Then there's Scarescraper mode, an online eight player co-op rush mode! Find toads as the challenge escalate over floors and more and more ghosties start to come at you. It looks kinda chaotic but I'm there. And it's coming this year! Scarily exciting.