Ubisoft Lays Out The Three Upcoming Episodes of The Division 2 Year One Content

By Kim Snaith on at

The three episodes that'll make up year one of The Division 2's content updates have been laid out, and each of them looks like they'll add exciting new stuff to the game.

Episode one will be launching in July, and takes the action outside of the city limits of Washington DC for the first time, taking place inside a zoo.

Episode two, entitled Pentagon: The Last Castle, is coming this autumn, and it's set inside the so-called impenetrable walls of the Pentagon.

Episode three, which is coming next spring, takes The Division 2 back to New York, the setting of the first game. It looks like rather than Manhattan, though, we'll be taking to the coastal funfair of Coney Island.

And if that's not enough Division stuff for you, Ubisoft's also announced there'll be a Division film hitting Netflix at some point in the near future. More on that at a later date, apparently.