Doom Eternal Looks As Gory As Ever, Releasing in November

By Kim Snaith on at

Perhaps the biggie of Bethesda's E3 conference, Doom Eternal headed to the stage with a suitably explosive trailer. The first of no less than four separate trailers, actually, each one showing a different part of what the game has to offer.

It's the "ultimate power fantasy", according to id Software. You play as the Doomslayer, the strongest and fastest demon killer in existence – who else? It's the biggest and more expansive Doom experience yet, apparently – with locations spanning entire universes and dimensions; from heaven and hell and everything inbetween.

id promises that Doom Eternal is first and foremost about gameplay, and no matter how far into the game you are, it will always have something new to throw at you. The second of the four trailers showed off a minute or two of game traversal – we see the character navigating platforms through dangerous environments. There's a lot of jumping and wall grabbing, and managing obstacles while traversing dangerous environments. You'll be opening gates while in midair, and grappling to climbable walls just at the right second to avoid falling into a fiery death.

And of course, there's a whole lot of gore, and hundreds of enemies waiting to be blown to smithereens. It looks like Doom – which is to say it looks like a hell of a lot of fun.

There's also a new multiplayer experience coming to Doom Eternal too: called Battlemode, it packs in unique movements and abilities for an all-new competitive experience. We'll find out more about that at QuakeCon in July.

The lucky bastards in the briefing will get to play the game immediately after the show. It'll be on the E3 floor if you happen to be in California right now. For the rest of us we'll have to wait a bit longer: Doom Eternal releases on November 22.