The Xbox Elite Controller Has Levelled Up

By Kim Snaith on at

The fancy Xbox One Elite Controller has just got a bit fancier: called Series 2, the updated version has just been unveiled, and if you're the type of person who likes to drop a big chunk o' money on a controller you can pre-order one from today.

The price hasn't been revealed, but considering the first one was £130 RRP, it's going to be at least that – but probably a little bit more.

You do get a bit more bang for your buck though. The Series 2 Elite Controller features higher than ever precision, shorter triggers for faster firing, rubberised grip, three programmable settings and new thumbstick and paddle options.

Most notable for an Xbox One controller, it comes with a rechargable battery. That's right: no more scrambling around in your kitchen drawer for two random AA batteries when your pad dies half way through a PUBG match. If anyone still plays PUBG. A single charge should last up to 40 hours, apparently.

It looks fancy though, and we want one, even if we'll have to sacrifice feeding our family for a week or two. But you know, priorities.