Gears 5 Launches September 10th, Showcases 'Escape' Mode

By Rich Stanton on at

At the Xbox E3 2019 briefing Microsoft gave a date to Gears 5, the fifth main installment in Epic's long-running 'beefy man (and lately beefy women) saves the world' series.

Following a trailer we were promised a look at one of Gears 5's new modes, though what this amounts to is a cinematic presentation (to put it kindly) of said mode.

Escape is "an aggressive three-player co-op experience", which looks something like a horde mode mixed with escape the bomb mechanics. By far the most interesting thing about this announcement, however, is that you can build your own hives. No further details on this feature were given, unfortunately.

Then Microsoft, for some reason, brought out a few WWE wrestlers to play the game... but they didn't?

Finally there was more puffing of the pre-order bonuses, which include the unpleasant fact of getting to play the game early. You also get a Terminator for Escape mode if you do the pre-order thing. An officially licensed Terminator. I'm not sure why.

There was also a Gears mobile spinoff showcased later, which is some collaboration with Funko Pops: Gears Pop. It looks like a free-to-play mobile game, if you know what I mean.