Fortnite V9.20 Reverses the Storm, And Encourages Sword Fights

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Yes folks, it's a new week, and that means there's a new update available for Fortnite. In a world where everything changes, it's nice to have at least one constant in our lives.

For battle royale mode players, the big update in V9.20 is the new storm flip item. A thrown projectile that looks like a bottle full of lightning, you can throw the storm flip to create a spherical dome in which the storm circle is flipped. You can use it to create a storm where one did not previously exist, or to get rid of the storm when it would otherwise affect you.

It's an epic rarity item, it only lasts for twenty seconds, and you can only carry one in an inventory stack, but if you can get one it could drastically alter your options towards the end of a match.

The update also adds a new limited time mode, the imaginatively titled 'sword fight'. As you might imagine, it's all about finding in game swords, including the Infinity Blade, to beat each other up with.

For creative mode players, there's a bunch of new devices available which can trigger set conditions if set off. Additionally, there are new options for controlling how the storm circle behaves.

Lastly, for save the world players, there's a new wargames simulation where aliens try to sap you with lasers, and a new hero dressed like she's ready to blast off into the upper atmosphere and beyond.

As ever, there are a lot of small balance tweaks and bug fixes in this week's patch notes. If you'd like to dig into the nitty-gritty changes in the update, you can check out the full patch notes here.