Farewell to Our News Editor, Laura Kate Dale

By Rich Stanton on at

After just under two years at Kotaku UK, our news editor Laura Kate Dale is leaving to pursue her many and varied other projects. Why, in a very short time you'll be able to read all about video game butts in book form (very few people have put quite as much thought into this topic), as well as pick up her autobiography.

Laura's done great work, and been great to work with. Both Kim Snaith (our production editor) and I have enjoyed her company, energy and enthusiasm as together we all served the great god of games journalism in the name of Kotaku UK. Godspeed to our favourite blue bomber, and we wish Laura every success in the future.

I thought it would be nice, as this is Laura's last day, to pick out some highlights from her time here.

One of Laura's great passions is Pokémon, and she's written so many quality pieces on it that it's hard to select just a few. But this account of Finally Leaving My Hometown with Pokémon Go is lovely, and this piece from only a couple of weeks ago is like nothing else: both brilliant, and ever-so-slightly crazy: My Near-Impossible Challenge to Catch Every Single Shiny Pokémon in Let's Go.

Nintendo Labo eh? Bit expensive for a load of cardboard. So Laura went and worked out how to build your own Labo kit on the cheap.

Never say she isn't brave: here's what happened when Laura (kind of) tried out the Final Fantasy XIV Chocobo pizza.

Looks like Ubisoft is shortly going to announce a new Roller Derby game. Laura plays a lot of roller derby and has strong opinions!

Laura's also gone out and about for Kotaku UK, visiting developers across the country and reporting back from areas, like Guildford, that have become hubs and are changing with the times. You can't go to Guildford, of course, without chatting to Peter Molyneux, or observing that he's given up hyping his games (apart from the next one). Outside of Guildford she turned up great stories on how smaller teams across the UK are trying to turn their degrees into games industry careers.

Or how about some small talk about games about small talk?

The real story of the person who fell in love with a Tetris cartridge took a more thoughtful look at a story many outlets simply treated as a joke.

Some writeups on individual games. This is a wonderful piece on Wandersong, a great writeup on the fab-looking Paradise Killer, and why The Missing is the story that was missing when Laura was growing up.

This is a great story on how Celeste nurtures player skill, and a very funny article on Genital Jousting's (surprisingly involved) story mode.

I don't think I've seen a better description of Tetris 99 than it being "a battle royale with nowhere to hide."

A consistent element of Laura's work is keeping an eye out for minority groups and the scourge of online harassment. She looked into those most-affected by Twitch's lax moderation, and asked what they thought of it. After the release of the Xbox Adaptive Controller, Laura went and sought out opinions from the folk who were using it.

I've always loved the opening paragraph of this one. "Someone made an RPG that made my hometown out to be a grotty drug-infested cesspit. So, I asked all the locals what they thought of it."

Oh, and pitching Starfox ideas to Mr Miyamoto sounds pretty scary.

You can continue to follow Laura's career and work on twitter. From all of us at Kotaku UK, so long and the best of luck.