The Best Video Game Art of 2019

By Luke Plunkett on at

Ah, it’s June, which means it’s time once more for Into The Pixel, an annual event held alongside E3 that celebrates some of the best work being done by the artists responsible for conjuring the worlds that we all enjoy in our favourite games.

This year 11 pieces have been chosen for the showcase, ranging once again from big blockbuster games to the smallest indie titles. The original pieces will all be auctioned off on eBay during the week of 11-15 June .

Judges for the 2019 exhibition include Valve’s Jane Ng and Blizzard’s Seth Spaulding.

The criteria for selection for Into The Pixel is pretty’ll notice some games that have been featured before (like God of War) and others that aren’t out yet (like Control), but the general gist is that it celebrates games that have come out, or been announced or planned for release, in the 12 months between shows.

You can see all 11 pieces below.

APOC | By Krist Miha

ASTRONEER | By John Liberto

CONTROL | By Remedy Art Department

CONTROL | By Oliver Ödmark


GOD OF WAR | By José Cabrera

HEARTS OF VALOR | By Mingchen Shen

RAD | By Lee Petty

SAMURAI GUNN 2 | By Valentin Seiche

STORMLAND | By Dave Guertin

VALOR’S REACH | By Ahmed Aldoori & Wizards of the Coast